I believe in the power of language

I haven’t written in a long time. Not for public consumption at least. There is something incredibly self-indulgent about adding one’s voice to the incessant din of online opinion and commentary and I certainly regard this blog as an indulgence. But then, so is the rants I post in my Facebook gated community or the heated arguments I put to any audience of friends that will bear listening to them.

I can’t imagine my thoughts improving upon better crafted ideas more eloquently conceived by more intelligent and wittier writers. However, the way to improve one’s writing is to write and the way to improve one’s ideas is to present them for criticism. So to anyone who is reading this, I offer this request, reject me. Reject my ideas and words as incoherent and trivial nonsense and if I have sufficiently raised you out of apathy to some kind of emotional disturbance then leave a comment or post a response and I will read it and I will respond.

Dialogue matters and mine has too long remained a soliloquy untested by an interlocutor. See that sentence I just wrote? It is absurdly pretentious. It’s my first post and I’m desperate to present myself as learned, academically adept and a first class word wanker. I’m often too frightened to present my vulnerabilities and flaws in life, maybe I have the courage to do it here.

I am pretentious but I am also sincere. I do believe in the power of language. I believe that the metaphors we think with constrain and enable our thoughts and values. This operates within academic papers that a handful of jargon heads read. It operates within movies that both capture and mold the zeitgeist. It even operates within a YouTube video of a baby munching on his brother’s finger with over 650 million views.

In all probability, this blog will feature a handful of posts that will never be read by anyone and will only ever be of importance to its author. But, what was the probability of more than the combined populations of the United States, France,Italy, Germany, Poland, Australia, the United Kingdom becoming acquainted with a giggling one year old named Charlie Davies-Carr?


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Philosophy student, film junkie, pop culture snob.

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